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Since 2001 Rhonda has successfully developed a lot of diverse Web applications for native Russian governmental and business organizations as well as for foreign customers. The major technology and functional domains of web applications Rhonda has developed are listed below:

  • DBMS applications. Rhonda traditionally has the largest experience particularly in this area. We are most successful in development of information systems and specific SW-development tools supporting all popular types of DBMS: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL for MS IIS and Apache Web-servers. Programming languages are C#, Java, Delphi, JScript, Perl, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, ASP, HTML, XML, WML, Python, Shell, GWT, AWK/GAWK, LISP, CSS, AJAX. Frameworks and IPs: Microsoft .Net, Java, STL, WTL, MFC, ATL, VCL, COM/DCOM, ActiveX, JDBC,ODBC, SSL, WinSockets, GTK. Projects examples: Zircon (information and decision-making system for Russian Far East Administration), RhondaDB (Rhonda’s internal corporate information system), Infotour (information system for Department of Tourism of Russian Far East Administration), MIG&MIG2 (two information systems for Department of Immigration of Russian Far East Administration), eTraxis (Web-based defect tracking system), Gifts (Web 2.0 AJAX driven rich Internet application combining e-commerce and social networking functionality) etc.
  • Free and open source content management systems. These systems are becoming more and more popular among web developers worldwide. As an incontestable evidence of our experience in utilizing CMSs Rhonda has developed this corporate homepage www.rhondasoftware.com, its technical blog www.computer-vision-software.com (mainly related to computer vision R&D) and Protocol Emulator HP www.protocolemulator.com using Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. We actively leverage all useful features of these CMSs such as themes and templating system with widgets of Worldpress; elaborated role-based permission & privilege system of Drupal core; page caching, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages of Joomla. The main language we use is PHP, DBMS is mySQL.
  • Cloud Computing. This is another important area of Rhonda’s expertise. In this area we utilize standard programming languages like Java and Ruby on Rails, and standard DBMS like MySQL and PostrgeSQL Project example: special LBS-application built on Amazon cloud and utilizing Android platform which provides subscribers with specific information. Technologies used in this project are J2EE, MVC, SOAP, REST, JSON, Spring framework, Hibernate, SAAS, Cloud, jQuery, Web Services, Tomcat, Jetty, NoSQL, Cassandra, BigData, GlassFish, HighLoad, Nginx.
  • Another representative project example is developing virtual data center services, designed specifically to meet the needs of international law firms. Technologies of this project are similar to the previous one: Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Linux, HTTP, REST, JSON, VMWare, SAN/NAS, Cassandra.

For technical summary of Rhonda’s Web Applications development please refer to our Technologies Profile


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