myAudience product line

myAudience is family of Computer Vision products designed to gather statistical data about audience of your venue. All myAudience products uses the same infrastructure for billing, license enforcement and data processing / storage. This allows to get all accumulated information on the same centralized Reports Portal. Currently myAudience product line includes solutions for automated audience demographic analysis and for reliable people traffic counting.


myAudience-Measure is indoor hardware-based SW product running on common PC platform with USB camera attached. It gathers demographic characteristics of people within the camera’s field of view.

myAudience-Measure is mainly oriented for the digital signage (DS) vehicles such as advertising LCD panels. It accumulates information about viewers of a vehicle using a camera mounted on its top. myAudience-Measure can also be effectively used with classical signage installations such as static billboards and banners in the same way as it is used  with digital signage vehicles.

As the hardware-based product myAudience-Measure is designed to work on the core i5 based PC with attached USB camera. The unit box should be installed at the place of interest (POI) in the manner that allows observing POI audience. Ideally, camera should look straight into the visitor’s face with small variations in the angle. The computer vision module running on unit is able to calculate people within camera field of view, detect human faces and recognize attention (face turned to camera), gender (male, female) and age (child, adult, senior). Gathered data are temporary stored on unit in encrypted form and periodically synchronized on reports portal.

Features of myAudience-Measure are listed below:

  • Attention Detector. myAudience-Measure detects people looking at a vehicle. Attention is treated as a face turned toward the vehicle (camera), based on face direction tracking. The accuracy of Attention Detector is 90%. Since attention info is represented in the statistical database as a number of separate events (attention detected vs. attention lost) bound to particular visitor, it is possible to calculate various useful metrics – e.g. to find out how long visitors are looking at the vehicle in average and how many times, what is the total attention time through all viewings, what is the length of the longest uninterrupted viewing, etc. In conjunction with the «People counter» feature, «Attention detector» allows to calculate percentage of those who were actually looking at the vehicle (i.e. DS vehicle viewers), among those who were just standing near or passing by (i.e. vehicle visitors).
  • Gender Recognition. myAudience-Measure recognizes gender of visitors with attention, using characteristic facial features captured with sufficient precision and quality. The accuracy of Gender Recognition is 90%.
  • Age Recognition. myAudience-Measure recognizes age of visitors with attention. Currently, myAudience-Measure classifies all viewers in three categories: child, adult, senior. The accuracy of Age Recognition is 85%.
  • People Counter. myAudience-Measure counts all visitors that appear in the camera’s field of view. myAudience-Measure recognizes visitors (by shape and movement patterns), tracks them within the camera’s field of view and distinguishes them correctly in case of overlapping and intersection with other objects. The key point of this feature is the accurate tracking and unique identification of visitors within the camera’s field of view. The accuracy of People Counter is 90%.
  • Reports Portal. Special Internet web portal that aggregates data from all units (instances of myAudience-Measure) all around the globe and provides secure access to this information. Reports Portal allows user to view status of their units and to group/ungroup them for combined metrics calculation.
    Event-driven structure of gathered statistical data allows Reports Portal calculating domain metrics used in the digital signage area and propagated by such DS-organizations as DPAA (Digital Place-based Advertising Association) and CODA (Canadian Out-Of-Home Digital Association). Prior to calculation, user should setup relevant parameters (namely: metric types, time period(s), selected groups/units.). All metrics are visualized by appropriate charts. User can export data used for metrics calculation into the spreadsheet.
  • Embedded web-server. Each unit (instance of myAudience-Measure) hosts local web-server for system setup using web-interface. Local web-server allows user to adjust configuration of internet access (system will validate this connection before switching to fully-functional mode). Additionally, embedded web-server provides module of camera setup validation (system will give time-restricted access to video stream from camera to manually evaluate quality of image and camera’s field of view).


myAudience-Count is a people counting solution that utilizes top mounted camera to operate. Same as myAudience-Measure, myAudience-Count is indoor hardware-based SW product running on PC platform. It can support both USB and IP cameras.

myAudience-Count is build around line crossing detection method and its most straightforward application is to count people entering and exiting building.

Though myAudience-Count is standalone product it is a part of the common myAudience product line and thus, it is integrated in the same framework as myAudience-Measure, which allows to share the same data server and reports portal.

Features of myAudience-Count are listed below:

  • Line Crossing Detector. myAudience-Count detects people crossing preconfigured virtual line in the camera field of view. The accuracy of Line Crossing Detection is 90%. All crossing events are stored along with crossing direction and timestamp.
  • Reports Portal. myAudience-Count shares reports portal with myAudience-Measure and thus it provides the same features for data storage and reports calculation.
  • Embedded web-server. Each myAudience-Count unit hosts local web-server which is mostly the same as in myAudience-Measure except of additional support of IP cam and virtual line markup tool.

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