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FPGA Programming and Design

One of the newest directions in research and development activities conducted by Rhonda Software concerns FPGA embedded programming promising great potential for compact and robust solutions.

We are actively driving our FPGA development to cover several major areas:

  • Single chip based turn-key solutions
  • Hardware accelerated computational intensive algorithms
  • Embedded computer vision and image processing
  • Linux-based SW business logic and hardware pipelines coordination

Our roadmap includes several self-invested products as well as propagation of FPGA software development services.

myAudience-Count FPGA

As the first full scale project it was decided to start with porting of PC-based myAudience-Count SW product on Lattice HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit powered by ECP3-70 FPGA chip.

The resulting FPGA-based myAudience-Count solution is a low cost, low power People Traffic Counter product that shares the same infrastructure and operational model as original PC version.

FPGA-based Face Detection

Moving further with FPGA-programming domain development Rhonda Software has introduced unique implementation of Face Detection method on embedded platform. Designed solution is based on Lattice HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit powered by ECP3-70 FPGA and process video camera stream in a pipeline mode.


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