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Computer Vision

Since 2007 Rhonda Software has been doing research and development in the Computer Vision domain, leveraging the modern CV-methods and mathematical approaches:

  • KDE, Mean shift or Running Gaussian Average methods to extract objects from background (depending on background scene).
  • Color based histograms and Mean Shift for object detection and tracking
  • Viola and Jones method for faces detection
  • Hidden Markov models and Neural Networks for faces recognition
  • RTP (MPEG4) or MJPEG over HTTP for streaming meta-data and video.


Do you want to measure your audience? myAudience-Measure is a camera-based client-server audience measurement solution. It counts people within the camera field of view, detects their faces, recognizes attention, gender and age group. All gathered data are periodically synchronized to the central WEB Reports Portal. Privacy is protected, no personal images are captured, only statistical information is stored. Authorized users can login to the Central Report Portal. They can see the status of measuring units and their licenses, and calculate several types of metrics. Individual and aggregate metrics are available; data can be grouped either by time slots or by measuring units. It’s a valuable input for digital signage professionals and decision makers.

People counting with top-mounted camera

This people counting solution for bidirectional traffic uses top-mounted camera. It's based on more common technology of line crossing detection, supports multiple lines and can be used to count not only humans but any moving objects like vehicles when they cross user-defined line placed in any part of a frame.

Tools recognition

This pattern recognition solution is based on user-defined learning samples. Sample application is pre-trained to recognizes 5 types of tools (hammer, plies, pipe dog, screwdriver and wrench sockets) by their specific silhouettes and, what is more, measures inner diameter of sockets. Several tools in any orientation can be recognized at the same time.

USD banknotes recognition

This pattern recognition solution works with all designs of USD banknotes with all denominations from $1 to $100; recognized banknotes in any orientation as well as partially overlapped and folded banknotes. Sample application counts money grouping banknotes by their denominations.

Barcode recognition (mobile platform)

This solution is developed especially for resource-limited mobile platforms, it detects and recognizes one-dimensional barcodes of any sizes and in any orientation. Sample application works on Windows Mobile with 520 MHz and allows adjusting camera resolution.

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