01 December 2009  |   Gifts

Gifts is a Web 2.0 AJAX driven rich Internet DBMS application joining together e-commerce and social networking parts. E-commerce part is presented by gift e-shop, social networking part contains multiple features (allowing users to communicate with each other within the community) intended to help users to choose best gifts for their friends.

  • E-shop. Amazon is used as a main gift source.
  • Social part. Users get a lot of social features like user profile, friends, wish lists, gift discussions and much more. All that sociality is targeted to provide best gifts for any user occasion and help them to select the best gift for a friend. For example, user could start a gift discussion for a friend and invite some other users to discuss and vote online for the best gift choices. Social part also offers so called “Gift Wizard” – automatic gift selector, which gathers all info about the user and gives best gift options for him.

Technologies used:

  • Languages: Java (JDBC, JSNI, Servtlets), JavaScript, PL/SQL, Perl, XML, HTML, CSS
  • Technologies: AJAX, SOAP, RPC
  • Tools and Frameworks: GWT, GWT-Ext, SmartGWT, XTemplate, SVN, Subclipse
  • IDE: Eclipse Ganymede
  • DB: PostgreSQL 8.1
  • Site is deployed under Linux with installed Apache 2.2 + mod_jk + Tomcat 6.0
  • Main site functionality is developed using GWT – AJAX framework, which allows all the code (both client and server side) to be written in Java. Client code is compiled into JavaScript and automatically optimized for different browsers. We are using J2SE with some additions of J2EE functionality
  • Cronjob scripts are written on both Java and Perl


  • Client code size is about 14,000 LOC
  • Servlets code size is about 400Kb (about 4,300 LOC)
  • Cronjobs code size is about 120Kb (more than 3,000 LOC)
  • Database size is 60Mb (more than 30,000 records)



Do not hesitate to contact us for any question regarding our services. We will be glad to respond in detail.