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26 November 2013  |   Android-based Calibration Tool

In 2013 Rhonda Software developed "myAudience Calibration Tool" - special Android-based helper application for myAudience-Count, Rhonda's client-server computer vision people counting solution. Now this tool is available for free at the Android App Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rhonda.myaudience.ct.

PC-based people counting SW solution for bidirectional people traffic myAudience-Count http://www.myaudience.com/count/overview requires mandatory setup and manual calibration after installation and prior to the first use. myAudience-Count runs locally on a PC box referred to as counting unit being connected to the Internet and view-from-top vertically mounted PC/USB camera. Calibration process of myAudience-Count software includes three main subtasks:

  • defining location and size of virtual tripwire line within a camera field of view, used as the people counting trigger,
  • defining "ins" and "outs" directions of people traffic for proper interpretation of line crossing events,
  • defining visible sizes of line crossing objects (people bodies as seen from above).

The default built-in WEB UI of counting unit can be used for calibration purposes but it appears somehow uncomfortable for an operator because it requires another PC within the same LAN to access counting unit as well as the assistance of a second person in the role of calibration target. Furthermore, calibration task becomes even more difficult if calibration PC is located remotely from its camera complicating the communication between an operator and his assistant.

To overcome these difficulties Rhonda Software designed Android-based handy Calibration Tool with the following advantages as compared to the standard WEB UI:

  • higher mobility,
  • easy WiFi connection to any available counting unit automatically detected within the current LAN,
  • saved connections of previously detected counting units,
  • autosave on exit feature allowing operator to close the application with some unit being calibrated and resume it later from the same point without data loss,
  • no need for assistant, as far as an operator can calibrate the SW using himself as the calibration target.

Introduction video about myAudience Calibration Tool



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