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Rhonda provides full cycle of SW development services from design to testing as well as additional services – requirements and configuration management.

SW development

  • Software architecture and design.
  • Code development.
  • FPGA programming.

SW maintenance

  • Redesign and re-engineering.
  • Efficient workload balance management.
  • Substantial experience in maintenance outsourcing, for source code developed outside of Rhonda.

SW integration and porting

  • Porting and integration of new technologies into customer products, e.g. DoCoMo’s technology i-Mode™ into Motorola’s handsets.

Testing services

  • Manual and automatic testing.
  • Tests development and validation.
  • 'White box' and 'black box' approaches.
  • All types of testing activities: sanity, regression, feature, integration, system.
  • Special tools such as UMTS/CDMA network simulators.

SW project management

  • Skilled management of all routine project management tasks: resource and tasks planning, tracking, reporting.

Requirements management

  • Excellent experience in requirements elicitation and management.
  • All levels of requirements specs: from 'project vision' to detailed ‘technical requirements'.

Configuration Management

  • Professional CM support for internal and customer teams.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question regarding our services. We will be glad to respond in detail.