Statement Of Work 1 (SOW1)

  • Standalone project.
  • Requirements, Architecture & Feasibility:
    • Select the best applicable SoC model & part-number along with other key HW components.
    • Create detailed Project Requirements Document.
    • Confirm feasibility of requested camera features.
    • Propose suitable image sensor model.
    • Estimate Project Duration and Project Cost.
  • One month period (typical duration). Actual dates may vary depending on project scope and feature-set complexity.
  • Fixed price
  • Allows to secure project scope & support with Ambarella

Camera Development Project (SOW2)

With a SOW1 completed the Camera development project (SOW2) can be started right away. We are open for discussion and dedicated to propose the help you are looking for with the collaboration options best for your project needs. Camera Project Areas:

  • Software: SoC Middleware, User interaction, Mobile application, Cloud solutions.
  • Hardware: HW design, Reference boards, Schematics & Layout reviews, HW bring-up.
  • Image Quality: Optical components profiling & selection, SoC IQ pipeline tuning.
  • Factory Support SW: Production line QA & IQ calibration.

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