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Integrated QA



QA and Test Automation

  • Fully Automated Regression Testing of Imaging platform
    • Proofbuild system controls entire process – get code from SVN, compile for different platforms / configurations, burn, execute tests, store test results
    • The Auto-test lab has about 30 test platforms installed In-house test result management database was developed to store test results, generate test execution reports, provide some analytics
    • Regression test cycle was reduced from ~5 weeks to 5-6 hours
  • In-house Application Test Framework (ATF)
    • The main goal of developed framework is to automatically emulate camera's end-user actions
    • Framework provides the set of APIs that allow testing of Customer Application and SoC firmware stack end-to-end. ATF includes:
      • Solution for unit-testing
      • Unified testing interface that provides portability of tests between projects across multiple customers


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