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Image quality

Rhonda’s Image Quality experts armed with all required equipment and Know-How are able to tune the entire Ambarella SoC IQ Pipeline and deliver the best Camera IQ possible.

  • Product specific Lens & Image sensor selection
  • Image Quality Lab for thorough Optical system analysis
  • Baseline IQ tuning of selected Lens & Image sensor and Factory IQ calibration:
    • Noise reduction, tone mapping, color fidelity
    • Aberrations, shading, distortion correction
    • Sharpening, local contrast enhancement
  • In-house 3A algorithms implementation (Autofocus, Auto exposure, Auto white balance) with additional capabilities for multi-sensor Cameras (e.g. for Virtual Reality cams)



Camera Production Support

At the production line there are two main quality-related aspects covered:

  • Manufacturing Quality control and Factory IQ calibration. Manufacturing Quality Control
    • Well-defined pass/fail criteria to filter out those hardware components that cannot be accommodated for manufacturing and assembling variations
    • Automated testing software to find malfunctioning parts (e.g. connectivity modules, audio components, GPS), dirty image sensors, poor lens alignment, focusing issues...
  • Factory IQ Calibration SW
    • Per-unit calibration of each individual Optical system at the
      production line:
      • Defective pixels correction
      • White balancing
      • Lens shading compensation, etc.
    • Quantitative success criteria
    • Computer vision based validation algorithms



Do not hesitate to contact us for any question regarding our services. We will be glad to respond in detail.