Home camera imaging building blocks

Video & Still Capture

  • Video Recording & Still Image Capturing
    • Recording from up to 8 sensors, storing/streaming of up to 4 video streams, playback of up to 2 video streams at the same time, modification of recorded footage
    • Single / Burst image capturing Single / Burst image capturing
  • Image Processing & Performance Optimization
    • Deep knowledge of Ambarella video pipeline, RAW  IQ filters  YUV  compression, streaming
    • H.264 / H.265 encoding, JPEG encoding
    • Image stabilization, temporal filtering, audio processing
    • DRAM/CPU consumption optimization, bandwidth consumption profiling, tight system load balancing
    • Battery consumption optimization
  • Formats, Protocols & Codecs
    • File formats: MOV/MP4, AVI 1.0/2.0, MPEG2 TS, MP3, AAC, JPEG, EXIF, Multi-Picture format, DNG
    • Streaming: UVC/UAC, RTP/RTSP
    • Video codecs: H.264, H.265, MJPEG
    • Audio codecs: AAC, uLaw, ADPCM, various PCMs

External Devices and Peripherals

  • UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, USB, and other types of I/O interfaces:
    Driver-level and HW-level development, support, debug and analysis
  • PWM and ADC: Driver-level and HW-level development and support
  • Implementation of various protocols: SPI-based I2S serial audio protocol (C driver + Asm driver), SPI-based UART, SPI-based full-duplex data transfer, using GPIO for controlling various embedded hardware, etc.
  • Large experience with CCD and CMOS image sensors (both parallel and LVDS interfaces)
  • Driver development and support for Sony, Panasonic, Aptina, OmniVision, Samsung image sensor models
  • Serializer/Deserializer for image sensors
  • Experience with various displays: Drivers for various LCD types, for HDMI, PAL and NTSC, upper-level display management (API for image layers, drawing primitives, fonts, color management, etc.)

Storage Media and SDIO

  • Support for SD and MS-Pro cards, NAND microcontrollers on all levels: from low-level register-operating to high-level user APIs
  • Support for SDIO protocol, using SDIO devices for WiFi transfer
  • Support and optimization of custom file systems based on FileX (in ThreadX RTOS), support for all FAT types including exFAT
  • Expertise in DCF (Design rule for Camera File system)


  • Running various connectivity features on Linux (MIPS, ARM CPUs)
    • Wi-Fi Direct™ Soft AP Coexistence with Bluetooth and station modes
    • Bluetooth stack and applications, camera control over Bluetooth, UART over Bluetooth, HID profile, RFCOMM protocol
    • BLE/Bluetooth Smart
    • LTE networking
    • NFC pairing
    • Ethernet
  • Providing remote access and control of a camera
    • Live video streaming from the camera (HLS and RTSP/RTP protocols, MJPEG and H.264 formats)
    • Remote camera control and settings management
    • Access camera memory card and file transfer
    • RIO Streamer (RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH)
    • Cypress WICED BT/WiFi on RTOS stack

Android & iOS Applications for Remote Camera Control

  • WiFi, BT, BLE, LTE protocols
  • Optimized low-latency video preview from camera over network
  • Remotely triggered camera actions (start/stop recording, take snapshot, zoom +/-, etc.), seamless device pairing and camera file system operations by customizable protocol
  • (Re)Stream video/audio to the cloud: YouTube, Celesta, Custom configuration
  • Mobile device based solutions to be provided as standalone Apps or camera control / video-stream SDK for integration with customer’s own Mobile App with branded UI
  • Apple device connection with MFi chip authentication support
  • Camera Firmware update over Mobile App
  • Multi-camera control by a single connected device working in a WiFi Access point mode



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