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We offer the full cycle of Camera development process.

  • Requirements, Architecture & Feasibility
    • It all starts with project analysis, scope definition and customer requirements elicitation
    • There are three main deliverables:
      • Project Evaluation Document – key components, major features, capturing modes
      • Product Requirements Description – use cases, behavior, functionality, architecture
      • Project Proposal – estimated efforts, cost and schedule
  • Optical System Selection
    • Depending on defined features, the most appropriate image sensor and lens candidates are proposed based on the spec analysis and in-lab research
  • Hardware Design Definition
    • As per customer request, the required level of responsibility is taken – from review and recommendations up to full EE design
  • Project Management
    • Skilled management assigned to control all necessary PM activities: resource and tasks planning, tracking, reporting, etc.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Automated Camera testing is a must and as such it incorporate various levels of testing: sanity, regression, feature, integration, system, etc.
  • Image Quality Tuning
    • Having Image Quality Lab and trained experts the best resulting picture possible is ensured by dedicated Ambarella SoC IQ Pipeline tuning
  • Camera Manufacturing Support
    • Production line quality control (on different stages of camera assembly) is established to filter out malfunctioning hardware parts and poorly assembled units
    • Additional per-unit Image Quality calibration of each individual Optical system is provided to fix defective pixels, enable correct color representation and mitigate lens shading effects

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