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Since being established on December 13, 1995, Rhonda Software has come a long way from a small company, performing one-time offshore contracts, to the largest and most mature software development company at the Russian Far East. A well-defined corporate structure and tight cooperation with our partners let us face the future with confidence.


  • Rhonda Software became a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center, a scientific and technological centre for the development and commercialization of advanced technologies.
  • Strong partnership with the leading OEMs and vendors (Sony, Cypress, Murata etc.) have been established.
  • Rhonda Software accomplished the significant number of Ambarella SoC-based camera products of different types - action cameras, drones, VR cams, wearable video recorders, dash-cams and many others.


  • People counting solution myAudience-Count is ported to Lattice FPGA, Android-based calibration tool for myAudience-Count is developed.
  • Rhonda becomes official development facility of Zoran/CSR (ZRH) for Imaging projects.
  • further expanding of Imaging R&D activities by establishing cooperation with Ambarella company.
  • new projects for Epiphan company.


  • As the considerable result of several years of R&D in the area of computer vision Rhonda demonstrated its new audience measurement solution in two USA shows: CES 2009 (Las Vegas, NV) and ESC 2009 (Boston, MA).
  • Rhonda started several new computer vision projects.


  • Rhonda participated in two USA expos: CES 2008 (Las Vegas, NV) and ESC 2008 (San Jose, CA).


  • Rhonda completed a project for F-Origin (USA) with new interface technologies, such as motion detector and touch screen. Rhonda investigated, developed and implemented a lot of complex mathematical algorithms by means of its own expert mathematicians.
  • Rhonda started SW-development for Zoran Corp., a leading DSP solution provider.
  • Rhonda was listed in the Expert RA rating Largest Russian IT Companies for 2007.


  • Rhonda took part in several international expos and conferences such as SODEC (Tokyo, Japan) and International Outsourcing Summit (Orlando, FL, USA).
  • Rhonda participated in the SW development project of the first Motorola mobile phone for the Japanese market. Rhonda’s team was responsible for the CNF i-mode browser implementation and the integration of the multimedia features set.
  • Rhonda and its Japanese partner DGIC created a joint venture for working on SW-projects in Japan. Rhonda sent a group of Japanese-speaking engineers to Japan as the font-end of its development team.
  • Rhonda was listed in the Expert RA rating Largest Russian IT Companies for 2006.


  • Rhonda celebrated its 10th anniversary.
  • Rhonda moved to a new modern office, equipped with all up-to-date facilities.
  • Rhonda participated in SW development of Motorola’s top-rated mobile devices: RAZR V3, E398 and Pebble U6.
  • Rhonda took part in a project involving integration of i-mode browser CNF+ into Motorola E378i handset. E378i was the first Motorola’s Global i-mode GSM phone aimed to the European market.
  • Rhonda participated in JETRO 2005 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Rhonda was listed among the CNews100 Largest Russian IT Companies for 2005.


  • Rhonda became a Microsoft Certified Partner with Microsoft Business Solutions competency.
  • Rhonda completed several large projects for Russian customers including:
    • Design of transportation hub information system for commercial port of Vladivostok – one of the largest seaports at the Russian Far East.
    • Distributed information system for managing tourist agencies.
    • Information system for Primorsky Region Administration.
  • Rhonda and Far Eastern National University signed a partnership agreement aimed to provide trainings for IT-specialists and to create a business educational structure at the Russian Far East.
  • Rhonda for the first time was listed among the CNews100 Largest Russian IT Companies for 2004.


  • Rhonda successfully completed a mobile phone games development project for FifthAxis Interactive Systems (Canada) using J2ME technology.
  • Rhonda won a public tender held by the Primorsky Region Administration for development of two information systems.
  • Rhonda successfully completed several projects for Russian customers.


  • Rhonda developed Email Client component for Motorola T720, V600, T730 mobile phones.
  • Rhonda developed the information system for the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry, Immigration Control Service of Primorsky Region.
  • Rhonda developed internal corporate information system RhondaDB, consisting of several subsystems: personnel management, project management, training management and SW process improvement management.
  • On December, 2002 Rhonda was certified for SEI SW-CMM Level 4.


  • On June 21, 2001 Rhonda was certified as SEI SW-CMM Level 3 Company.
  • By the end of the year Rhonda got involved into new software development projects for mobile phones.


  • Rhonda developed case tool Excalibur for semi-automatic SW-development for paging service centers. This tool featured visual design subsystem, source code generator and compiler for executable modules. Excalibur became a standard Motorola’s tool for service centers, pager factories and other Motorola subdivisions.
  • Rhonda started pager firmware testing with Rational Visual Test software and automatic testing tool CATS developed internally by Rhonda’s engineers.


  • February 19, 1999 marked a new phase in the collaboration between Rhonda and Motorola. Instead of 2-3 month project-based contracts Motorola signed first annual contract with Rhonda.
  • By the end of 1999 Rhonda’s personnel increased to 40 engineers. The company's organization was restructured into several departments such as development, testing, software process and software quality assurance departments.


  • By the end of 1996 Rhonda established working relationship with Motorola and started to perform small-scale projects. Project based contract activity continued until early 1999.
  • Rhonda staff increased up to 10 software engineers.
  • Rhonda totally completed 10 projects of pager firmware and service software development.


  • Rhonda completed several projects for Russian customers.

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